This is how Haza del Fresno borns

From a noble land, a stately EVOO, made with the most emblematic olives in the region.

Haza del Fresno extra virgin olive oil is a special oil made with maximum care and with all the benefits that you as a consumer need.

About 70 years ago, my grandfather Manuel worked the lands that gave birth to this elixir of life. There he fell madly in love with my grandmother Josefa, who worked as a servant for the farm owners. Fruit of love, they managed to move their olive trees forward, working tirelessly and overcoming all kinds of adversities until they took control of these lands.

Lands located at the foot of the natural park of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and de las Villas, in the province of Jaén, enjoy more than 50 hectares with more than 400 years of history.

This natural reserve allows the production of a high quality EVOO, rich in oleocanthal, polyphenols and antioxidants, considered as a SUPER FOOD that concentrates all the necessary benefits to increase your energy and protect you against oxidative stress in your daily life.

My parents with their hard effort have managed to continue with the family tradition with them, my sisters and I, so we are very proud to be able to take care of you, and we present our brand HAZA DEL FRESNO, with an exquisite production process and maximum quality in all our products.

Thanks for trusting us.

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