The process

From the field to the table

In Haza del Fresno our process of obtaining EVOO is a rigorous and quality process that begins at the beginning of winter, at the end of harvesting the olive harvest.

We begin our process with the payment of our olive trees with organic materials during the months of February and March, in which we trim the olive tree and cut the oldest branches to grind them and return the organic matter to the earth, that way new shoots come out that they rejuvenate the bush.

In April and May we get new fruits, sulfating the olive trees, providing them with the necessary complements for their recovery and fruit set.

The month of June, once the flower is open and the fruit set, we grind the spring grass and return the organic matter to the earth.

Likewise, we will repeat this operation in August and September, with the new shoots that were born.

Autumn rains are essential to determine the collection of the first olives.

During the month of November we will make the collection by hand. It is carried out manually, due to the uneven ground in which the olive trees are planted. Thanks to this we will obtain an olive juice with the highest content of oleocanthal, polyphenols and antioxidants in our early EVOO.

To begin our process of elaboration of EVOO we will take to the Cooperative all the fruit collected in the field. The steps of our manufacturing system are:

  1. Grinding: process in which we grind the olives until obtaining a paste. Within a maximum period of 24 hours from the moment we receive the olives. The shake will not exceed 90 minutes and the dough temperature will be between 25 and 30°C.
  2. Decantation: method used for separation of mixtures. For optimum decantation, the temperature of the room will be around 20°C, separating the EVOO from the skin of the olive, bone and alpechín. The cellar with its stainless steel drums will have a temperature between 15-20°C.
  3. Packaging: it will be made from stainless steel drums to the bottle, in a period of 48 hours. The EVOO of Haza del Fresno will be ready for consumption and delight of your palate.

From Haza del Fresno we have an excellent team that offers the best quality and service, from our agricultural engineers to our laboratory technicians.

Obtaining the best result of a unique and special EVOO, which thanks to extreme weather conditions of heat and cold for being high mountains, allows us to achieve unbeatable oil properties.

Its environment as a natural park in the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, favors achieving physical and biological characteristics of bitterness and itching in the picual variety, differentiating us by its excellent flavor, color and body.

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